Digital Strategy

Increase brand exposure, engage your audience and convert more visitors. 

Signal is uniquely positioned to help you embrace new technologies and tools that your customers are using, unlocking opportunities for targeted visibility and engagement. Online success can’t be ensured by any single tactic, such as on-page SEO or a corporate Facebook page. You need to develop a complete strategy. By defining a vision, specifying goals, identifying challenges, prioritizing initiatives, and ironing out processes to implement those initiatives, Signal’s integrated digital strategies can help your organization maximize the benefits of digital channels. We’re here to help you think big, think smart, and think results. Start generating more business online today.

While every case is unique, a typical digital strategy may involve:

  • Identifying unmet needs and goals.
  • Identifying target audience and finding opportunities in key segments.
  • Prioritizing a set of online initiatives.
  • Planning campaign elements and creating key performance indicators.
  • Integrating SEO tactics to maximize campaign benefits.
  • Working with creative to design and build campaign elements.
  • Working with technology to track initiatives and process leads/sales.
  • Building timelines and processes for engaging with your audience.
  • Improving effectiveness by sampling progress and optimizing individual campaigns.

Potential digital initiatives:

  • Digital Advertising – Magnify brand exposure and generate more business online with targeted awareness and direct response programs.
  • Search Marketing Integration (SMI) – Increase visibility and ensure maximum campaign potential by integrating SEO tactics.
  • Social Media Strategy – Need to increase ‘Likes’ or ‘Follows’? Ideas for better engagement? We’ll provide strategy to support your marketing goals or fine-tune current efforts.
  • Content Creation – Build thought leadership and generate new business by creating great content and syndicating that content through your social channels. This goes beyond blog posts – we’ll help create white papers, videos, infographics, online presentations and more.
  • Web Design & Mobile Development – Build better digital experiences, from full rebuilds to mobile optimization or conversion tune-ups. We’ll make sure your online presence shines.
  • Email Marketing – Create and integrate new design templates, configure and plug forms into your website, implement A/B testing, lead nurturing strategies and more.