Mower Match for iPad

Historically, the John Deere dealer network has relied on sell sheets and brochures to show features and sell machines. Signal designed and developed the company’s first mobile application for the iPad as a tool to help dealers showcase and sell residential mowers. John Deere’s plan was to purchase and distribute iPads to the dealer network in order to test how well they would enhance the customer purchasing experience.

The Mower Match app uses video clips, 360-degree product views and details on key features to vividly present John Deere’s current lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers, following the premise that the app will match the customer with the mower model that best suits their needs. Taking advantage of the intuitive iPad touchscreen, we designed a simple scrolling interface that allows the user to explore everything from the mower decks to the engine.

The app was launched with a promotional campaign that included Internet advertising, earned media and placement in Times Square.

Dealers reported the app as a success, calling it “Like having a demo in your hand.”